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Feb 10, 2013 9:35pm EST
consolation to the working mom. russia bills are high. your kids have needs that are getting more expensive -- for grocery bills are high. she is trying to get by. i think all of us know getting by is not the american dream. host: as you hear what eric cantor had to say, what was striking about that speech is its focus on domestic agenda, a middle-class agenda items and not some of the polarizing topics we've heard from republicans in 2012. guest: i'm a firm believer that the republican message on fiscal policy trump's the other sites message. and the majority leader, eric cantor has said, that is it benefited the economy? is it creating jobs? he is right on. there is no more important issue in this country. we have a basket full of issues -- the economy and job creation and death. that grouping has to be dealt with -- the economy and job redecoration -- creation and debt. host: 16.5 trillion is the nation's debt, and yet wall street continues to seek a record numbers. does it matter? is it resonating with americans? on main street. is if you do not have a job, -- and again, the focus needs
Feb 9, 2013 9:15pm EST
is structured, you will not invest as much there. if you think northern africa or nigeria or russia will grow, you will be willing to take more risks there because you think the growth is there. to a certain extent, where you seek political upheaval, it scares away investment. the world is so competitive, if you do not focus on markets, if you are not ready to win in markets, you will lose. >> how much of this can be a parochial discussion? let us say ge is a u.s. company, but let us talk about the european or asian companies that may be interested in investing on this side of the world. what will the u.s. due to distinguish itself? >> investment certainty. we need somehow not to have all of the focus on sequestration, debt limits. that is distracting to investors. the systems of competitiveness. education, regulation. tax reform. those things that say we want people to invest in the u.s. our fdi in the country has trailed a lot of other places in the world. some of it is education training. there are systems of competitiveness. we know what they are. it is trying to get more of a window on t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2